Y Kids Volunteering

There are currently 6 volunteers providing support and supervision for our young members on Monday and Wednesday evenings, providing a ratio of 1 volunteer to 4 members.

In addition to these volunteers, we also have volunteers who come in as and when they are available or required to facilitate an activity e.g.  jewellery making, painting, film making and cake decorating.

There are 4 volunteers to help out at the Drop In every Wednesday and although this is sufficient for the number of members attending, we always welcome additional participation.

Training opportunities are made available to all volunteers as and when resources become available and volunteers are also encouraged to access their Individual Learning Accounts to fund their training.  The Board recently accesses £2000 from Awards for All to provide a training budget for volunteers and we are currently liaising with volunteers to identify training requirements.

Kilmarnock YMCA Plus also provides placements for local students attending Ayrshire College, Kilmarnock Campus and to date we have provided placements for 2 students.

If you would like to offer your time volunteering with Kilmarnock YMCA, then please contact us for an informal discussion.